Helena’s Autumn
Jonathan’s Winter
James’ Spring
Matty’s Summer

I’ve been thinking about my family saga and how I view the working title- “Seasons” – in relationship to the seasons and the stories within the Trevellian Family Saga, my WIP historical inspirational novel. Here’s a poem about it.



in its myriad of splendors

wraps family in its arms.

Autumn in strength and beauty,

Winter in sparkling solitude,

Spring in the promise of renewal,


Summer in the warmth of God’s providence.

Helena’s Autumn,

Jonathan’s Winter,

James’ Spring


Matty’s Summer.

The Trevellian Family Saga

Now if my writing will only do it justice. How do you find titles for your works in progress?

Which Escape Pod?

An escape pod is something, a place or space you get into when you want to get away from everything. There are many types. We usually read about the physical ones.

But I am thinking of mental escape pods. Places you can go to escape reality in your mind. During Covid 19 that has been very important for many people.

Today, Friday the 13th of November I was awaked by my masseuse calling to cancel my appointment due to her vertigo. I hope she feels better. Then after dressing, my neighbor’s son knocked on the door and told me his mother, who is 87, was just diagnosed with Leukemia. She has 4-8 weeks and has entered hospice care.

So, I’m thinking I’d just like to escape for a little while, the realities around me. SO which way do I go?

Do I escape into the past in research and writing for my historical inspirational novel Seasons and focus on Jonathan’s Winter?

Or do I escape into contemporary literature with a Clive Cussler book I am currently reading?

Wait! I think my mind has already decided what to do. I’m writing this blog.

What is your escape pod when life overwhelms or threatens your equilibrium?

In the eye of the beholder

What you see and perceive is influenced by your perspective. I love walking in our park near our house. I look at the unusual and lovey and striking views along my way. Here is one picture that illustrates that what you see or perceive is influenced by your perspective. I see a bear. My niece saw a dog.

Bear, dog or what?

Your frame of reference impacts your perceptions. As a writer we create scenes that we hope will impact our readers to feel they are in the story. However, that is not always easy. Why?

Because each person’s reality shapes how they see the scenes we create with our words. Therefore it is important to think of the 5 senses as we describe our scenes. My twin sister, Janyce Brawn is always reminding me of this in my writing. “What does the character see, smell, feel, hear or taste at a particular time? Use that to move your story forward.”

In my WIP “Seasons”, How does Helena feel as Jonathan is sent away from her and she is left all alone in Boston in 1774? How does she deal with feeling of guilt when Mary is captured by the Indians and she is hiding? All these and more scenes need vivid descriptions in order to bring the story to life.

Keep in mind that what you see and perceive is influenced by your perspective and that of your readers. Seek to write vividly and boldly. Beware of what is in the eye of the beholder.

Nature’s Renewal

Natural beauty surrounds,
we pause in wonder. . .
God’s grace abounds
in a world torn asunder.
We need  renewing.

I wrote this poem after taking a walk in our local park, surrounded by a green canopy and clear blue skies. This past year, amidst the Covid 19 pandemic I have taken to the woods to get exercise and find renewal. In the beginning it was mostly just me walking and having my little soliloquies as I call them, with God. Even singing songs of praise. Now, most of the time friends walk with and we constantly see new and wondrous sights as nature unfolds around us. I’ve seen the tender buds of Spring, the lush greenery of summer and eagerly await the crisp colors of autumn. I’ve found God’s green canopy refreshing and a gentle reminder that He is in control for all Seasons.

My historical inspiration novel that I am editing these days also deals with 3 generations of a family and the seasons of their lives. The Trevellians persevere in the midst of war and personal tragedies. I think that is what God would have us do in the face of our own trials and tribulations during this pandemic.

I pray you find God’s renewal as you walk each day amidst the strife we all face right now, whether it be in prayer, song, contemplation, walking under a green canopy somewhere or talking to others.


I recently was walking in the park and took a picture of a tree that I was calling a pterodactyl tree because, well because it just reminded me of one with the pointy head. Well, I was so surprised, charmed, amused and enlightened to read what others thought it looked like. Dragons, eagles, flying Griffiths, Jesus’ crown of thorns, Pi, and the letter H were some of the answers. All different from what I had thought.

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

This got me to thinking. If one visual image evokes so many different responses, it’s no wonder people see and think differently on so many issues we face today. How then do we find common ground on issues like wearing asks, re-opening schools? These are the hot issues right now and there are many different responses. What do you think? Please post your ideas below.

One small point of love, sanity and common sense in a swiftly tilting world

I finished the third Madeleine L’Engle book last night. This one was called “A Swiftly Tilting Planet” and had rich symbolism and intertwining of biblical ideas and historical literature and fantasy once again. In this book Charles Wallace, one of the main characters travels back and forth in time and between planets in order to change the What Might Have Beens into a reality that will heal the earth. This book was written in 1978 and the father, Mr. Murray makes a comment about how the world has been abnormal for so long already that everyone has forgotten how to live in a peaceful and reasonable climate. When I think of all the unrest and turmoil in our world, especially in the USA right now, it makes me wonder. That is what is so great about L’Engle, her writing is timeless. Like Mr. Murray says, if there is to be any peace or reason in our own world today, it has to start in our own hearts and homes. Like the rippling of a stone thrown into a still pond, one small point can reach out to many others. That is what we need to be. That one small point of love and sanity and common sense.

My Brand

I just read an article about branding- what is at the heart of your writing, that got me to thinking. If I look at some of my latest writings I think I would say:

My Brand- Family

Seasons is about a family and how their faith grows through their trials and struggles throughout the generations of the Trevellian Family.

Shelter in Place: A 14 week Covid Study creates a family of participants across the United States looking at how each member deals with the virus and its implications in their own lives within their own family unit as singles and withs.

Teaching ELs- Cultural Implications, Connections and Curricuum– is about how to teach students within the diverse English as a Second Language or more family.

Gatherings at Granny’s is a short story sharing family memories with Granny and in the large house where she lived.

I’m not sure if this is too broad or not. What do you think? How do you brand or market your writing?

Be like the Daffodils

A friend posted about her daffodils today and that got me to thinking. Years ago, when we first bought our house the people before us had planted daffodils. I tried many things to get rid of them when they started to overrun the steps down to the driveway. I dug them up, threw them in the woods, covered them over with plastic, anything I could think of. Finally I thought I had gotten rid of them. Then the next year I noticed that wherever I had thrown them, they were growing, and multiplying. Now, over 35 years later they are still growing. My attitude towards them has changed to. Like my friend, I appreciate them more now. They are survivors. At this pandemic time we need to be like Daffodils and survive. How you might ask. Sure we are social distancing but what do Daffodils have to do with that?

Along with social distance we need to grow in our faith and our love for each other. We need to be like the daffodils in our faith, keep coming back to the Lord! Every time our faith wavers or fear creeps in, we need to go to the Lord. Remember 1 John 4:4- Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!

Be like the daffodils and grow where you are planted and thrive!

Geosemiotics and Covid-19

I’ve been thinking a lot about Place and Space and our interactions with things and others now that we have been told to self-isolate as much as possible. I miss the freedom to go and do what I want, but since I am asthmatic, I am staying in. Fortunately, I have a lot of projects I can do at home, especially at my computer.

I hope others are being creative about how to stay indoors and cope with the Covid-19 constraints in our society. If you want to share ideas to keep yourself occupied indoors or at home, please share.

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