When You and Your MC Must Develop Patience

In my work in progress, Helena’s Autumn, my main character, Helena Trevellian, must learn patience as the Revolutionary War continues and she waits for her husband to come home. She realizes that she isn’t a very patient person.

This summer I have kept busy editing my manuscript for my editor. I found I’m not a very patient person either. As I was finishing the edits, I asked my agent when she wanted me to send the revised ms back. She said, in a few weeks. It made me laugh. Just like Helena, I need to sit and wait.

While I waited, I revised and submitted a creative nonfiction story- An Unexpected Angel to Agape Review, a Christian Online Journal. It was published mid-August. (https://agapereview.com/2022/08/14/anunexpectedangel-2/) So just like Helena, I am keeping busy while I wait. She deals with her regular housewife roles and the added work of protecting the farm from deserting British Dragoons and fending off Mohawk and Loyalist raiders. It’s also up to her to do the hunting, fishing and gardening to provide for her and her friend. As the months progress, she learns compassion as she tends to her ill friend. She doesn’t like all the work but learns she is stronger than she thinks.

What do you do when you find you have to sit and wait before you can do something? Please share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.


When to Take a Break

Honeysuckle waiting for the next Fairy Feast

Sometimes you need a break from your other writing. I’ve been buried in the past with my MC Jonathan’s exploits in London in first WIP and occupied with Covid statistics in my other WIP so this has been a welcome change. This morning I asked my friends if I should take a walk in our park and then write or just write. The walk won. Along with this picture my imagination took me into another world as you will read below.

The Fairies of Boyce Park feasted this past week

on honeysuckle oh so sweet.

They danced, they twirled, they sang, unfurled

their wings a light with beauty,

as they held a First of Summer Dance.

You might not always see them

for they like to hide away

they disappear as moonlight fades

until another day.

So take a look around you, you may not realize

the broken petals, discarded cups are all that’s left behind.

Fairy Feast Remnants


Writing Connections

My twin sister and me

I have a twin sister. We’ve always been competitive, yet in each other’s corner whenever needed. I stuck up for her when she was bullied, she encouraged and helped me when I was wondering what career path to take. Early on we both seemed to realize we could compliment each other in what we did and liked to do. We chose different paths – in school I was the studious one, she was the social butterfly.

In college we went to different universities, had different majors and even chose life partners (our husbands) who are totally different. Yet our bond remains strong. You are probably wondering how this relates to making Writing Connections. I’m getting to that.

My twin always encouraged me when I continued on to get my PhD in English Composition and TESOL. She encouraged me when I was given leadership positions within local Three Rivers TESOL and International TESOL. She encouraged me whenever I had articles and chapters published in journals in my field. Now it is my turn.

I am so proud of my twin- Janyce Brawn, artist, author and very creative woman in her own right. It is my turn to encourage her, by helping her make Writing Connections. My advertising and marketing experience as a freelance writer and newspaper editor are coming to the fore (I hope.). Go Janyce, You go girl! I want to shout. She has just published her first book in the Tales of the Teleporting Topsider Series- David and the Drainosaurs.

My granddaughter is enjoying her Aunt Janyce Brawn’s new book!

You can learn more about her in another writer friend, Lyndi Alexander, I met through my connection with Janyce and my writing critique group- Fellowship of the Quill. Janyce Brawn was a guest blogger on Lyndi Alexander’s blog, here’s the link. https://lyndialexander.wordpress.com/2021/05/21/down-the-drain-with-janyce-brawn-and-her-fantasy-hero-david-gonzales/


Be like the Sparrow

Why should a person be like a sparrow? Have you ever watched one? This past winter I erected a birdfeeder outside my great room window. As I sit at my table eating breakfast or lunch I watch the myriad of birds that come to the feeder. The fluttering black capped chickadee, the flitting tufted titmouse, the curious but cautious cardinals, the grouchy blue jays, the pairs of yellow finches and mourning dove and the persistent sparrows all visit. The most common visitor is the songbird sparrow, diligently searching the feeder or the ground, day in and day out, for sustenance.

Today it hit me. Well not exactly hit, but, you know what I mean. We should be like sparrows in our search for goodness in others, in our search for deeper faith, and for seeking what we need to sustain us.

Search God’s Word, search your heart, search your mind. Let Him speak to you in the windy days, in the rainy days, in the cold and harrowing experiences in life, and let God be your sustenance, in essence be diligent and persistent. Be like the Sparrow.



I recently was walking in the park and took a picture of a tree that I was calling a pterodactyl tree because, well because it just reminded me of one with the pointy head. Well, I was so surprised, charmed, amused and enlightened to read what others thought it looked like. Dragons, eagles, flying Griffiths, Jesus’ crown of thorns, Pi, and the letter H were some of the answers. All different from what I had thought.

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

This got me to thinking. If one visual image evokes so many different responses, it’s no wonder people see and think differently on so many issues we face today. How then do we find common ground on issues like wearing asks, re-opening schools? These are the hot issues right now and there are many different responses. What do you think? Please post your ideas below.

Waiting in Silence at the Bird Feeder

Waiting in Silence at the Bird Feeder

It’s a beautiful sunny morning. Blue skies beckon as I sit at my table waiting in silence for birds to come to the bird feeder. As I wait, I’m watchful and quiet; a lot like I should be as I wait upon the Lord.

How often do we sit still and wait? I drink my coffee and ponder. The world and its cares are knocking on the door of my mind, just like the beautiful day outside, but I wait in silence… and pray. “What would you have me do today, Father?”

The recent fighting in the Ukraine comes to my mind. Then God’s words run through my mind. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Is that all God? What about the world? I sit, waiting. I feel Him saying, “I am with you in the turmoil, and the raging tempest in the world. If I can count the hairs on your head, know when even the littlest sparrow falls, I know what is happening to you and to all the others in the world. I am with you. I walk with you all- each, and every day. So… Be still and know that I am God.”

The bird feeder is still empty, and the sky is still blue, but I know God is with me and it is enough.

Dear God, I pray those who struggle may feel your presence as you walk beside them this day, no matter where they are, no matter what they are doing. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


I put my bird feeder out late this morning. As I drank my coffee and waited to see what birds would come I thought- it would be nice to see a cardinal, I haven’t seen them for a while.
Suddenly two cardinals, a male and female appeared! What joy filled my heart to see birds I hadn’t seen for quite a long time.
Then I realized- this must be a shadow of what God feels when a long lost person comes back to him.
Joy for a little bird: a great reminder of how God delights in us.

Who knows what lies ahead: When your inner editor and characters speak.

Who knows what lies just around the corner?

Have you ever gone to sleep or just as your head hits the pillow a thought pops into your head about something you are writing? Last night that happened to me. I was closing my eyes and heard, “You need to do something about the prisoner. Before the wedding, not after. Add some pages of dialogue and action and solve that problem before you go on to introduce your main character to others that will be instrumental in helping him get on with his life after his character arc destroys his new found happiness.”

I closed my eyes and pictured the scene I would need to create. “Lord help me to remember this tomorrow.” I turned over and fell asleep.

It is now late afternoon of the next day and I was able to do exactly what I envisioned in my dream. This is the second time I’ve had my inner editor and my characters take over my thoughts and dreams.

I hope Jonathan’s Winter helps people to realize how God intervenes in our lives through the people he places our way, as well as the trials and tribulations we face and walk through, hand in hand with God- if we let Him.

Who knows what lies ahead? What are you dealing with right now? Are you letting God walk hand in hand with you?

Facing Conflict and Enduring Long Waits

With today’s increased conflict over Politics and the Covid Pandemic and whether to Vaccinate or not, there is much strife. Each person has to determine how they face the conflict. Head-On, Turn Tail and Run, Talk and try to reason with others, Research and determine what you think, Pray and Wait. There are many factors to consider. Your unique situation and personality also determine how you react.

In the first of my “Seasons- a Trevellian Family Saga”, Helena chooses to meet conflict head on many times. When she helps those less fortunate during the siege of Boston, she bears the price when she is separated from her husband. She calls upon her family upbringing and her mother’s example to help her decide what she should do. She also learns the value of prayer and how to endure the waiting.

I think we all, myself included, need to learn how to pray and endure our times of waiting. In Helena’s case, she relies on reading scripture, prayer and singing to lift her spirits and help her endure famine, separation, death of loved ones, Indian raids, and the long wait for her husband to return.

What do you do to help you endure the long wait to get the Covid Vaccine? Will you get it, if so how, when, what do you do between shots and the waiting to see if you can get the first, then the second shot?

Feel free to post your replies below.

A beacon of hope

In the valleys and the shadows I will hear your voice;

through the fog of doubt your light shines:

a beacon of hope in desperate times.

I wrote this little poem a while ago, but considering the ramped up Covid concerns, I felt this was a timely reminder. Jesus is my light and beacon of hope. My wish for you this holy holiday season is that you know Jesus as your beacon of hope in this trying time.

Look up, see God’s majesty in the heavens. Walk in His holy peace.


Helena’s Autumn
Jonathan’s Winter
James’ Spring
Matty’s Summer

I’ve been thinking about my family saga and how I view the working title- “Seasons” – in relationship to the seasons and the stories within the Trevellian Family Saga, my WIP historical inspirational novel. Here’s a poem about it.



in its myriad of splendors

wraps family in its arms.

Autumn in strength and beauty,

Winter in sparkling solitude,

Spring in the promise of renewal,


Summer in the warmth of God’s providence.

Helena’s Autumn,

Jonathan’s Winter,

James’ Spring


Matty’s Summer.

The Trevellian Family Saga

Now if my writing will only do it justice. How do you find titles for your works in progress?

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