Be like the Daffodils

A friend posted about her daffodils today and that got me to thinking. Years ago, when we first bought our house the people before us had planted daffodils. I tried many things to get rid of them when they started to overrun the steps down to the driveway. I dug them up, threw them in the woods, covered them over with plastic, anything I could think of. Finally I thought I had gotten rid of them. Then the next year I noticed that wherever I had thrown them, they were growing, and multiplying. Now, over 35 years later they are still growing. My attitude towards them has changed to. Like my friend, I appreciate them more now. They are survivors. At this pandemic time we need to be like Daffodils and survive. How you might ask. Sure we are social distancing but what do Daffodils have to do with that?

Along with social distance we need to grow in our faith and our love for each other. We need to be like the daffodils in our faith, keep coming back to the Lord! Every time our faith wavers or fear creeps in, we need to go to the Lord. Remember 1 John 4:4- Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!

Be like the daffodils and grow where you are planted and thrive!

Geosemiotics and Covid-19

I’ve been thinking a lot about Place and Space and our interactions with things and others now that we have been told to self-isolate as much as possible. I miss the freedom to go and do what I want, but since I am asthmatic, I am staying in. Fortunately, I have a lot of projects I can do at home, especially at my computer.

I hope others are being creative about how to stay indoors and cope with the Covid-19 constraints in our society. If you want to share ideas to keep yourself occupied indoors or at home, please share.

Characters taking control of the plot and sexual tension in historical inspiration novels- can it happen?

I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I guess that is why I like to read and now, to write. Yesterday I was working on the fourth part of my family sage, Matty’s Summer, when suddenly a romance I hadn’t really thought about bloomed right before my eyes. Apparently two of my characters had their own ideas about the way they wanted the story to go. Talk about a story taking off on it’s own.  It’s kind of cool and certainly a “novel” experience (has, ha, pun intended) for me.

Has it ever happened to any other writers? I wonder. Post your thoughts below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

On a side note, some of my colleagues and I have been discussing whether or not there can be sexual tension (no overt sexual acts) in an historical inspirational novel for young adults and older. I’d love to hear your comments on that thought too.

Unearthing old manuscripts and bringing them to life

All Kinds of Crumbs book CoverLast year my older son mentioned he had been telling his daughter about my children’s books I had written, drawn and made for him and his brother when they were little. I was surprised he remembered and it touched my heart.

This fall I decided to look for the manuscripts (I found one finished, the other one was missing a few pages). Using Shutterfly I created the books for my sons for Christmas presents this year so they could share the story with their own children. I hope they enjoy it. Here is the cover to the first book written about 1986.


Random thoughts on my November & December writing

Well, I started out thinking I’d get a lot of my fourth section of my novel done. I’ve gotten at least half of it done, changed the title a little (it’s now Matty’s Autumn instead of Summer) and have an idea of the direction I am going to take with the last section of the novel. I also thought I’d get a lot further faster than I have. In the meantime, I have spent time with family, celebrated the holidays and spent time trying to be healthy. These are all things my characters will have faced too, after all they are human (at least to me).

Like Little Women, this book starts out with a woman and will end with a woman, highlighting the struggles and triumphs they have as well as other family members have.

I had done extensive research through the years about the 1750-1820 time period, especially around Pittsburgh, but the 1830-1850s will be another matter. I am researching as I go along.

One of my Beta readers suggested I slow down the plot and develop my characters more. I know I did that more as the book progressed, so I will have to think about it for Helena’s Spring. I think sometimes because we know a character well we forget others , our readers don’t.

More work ahead.

I had hoped to get my novel to an agent earlier than this, but… I think polishing it and get it in better shape than it was will be for the best. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and may the New Year 2020 bring joy and blessing to all.

Spending Christmas with family

My chapter proposal has been accepted for inclusion in a book now what?

So I just heard my nonfiction chapter proposal for a book has been accepted, however, now they (the editors) have to make sure the publisher is onboard with the whole idea of the book. It’s another hurry up and wait time, so I think I will let my brain start formulating ideas on what I will write in that chapter drawing upon my proposal.

But wait! When I look at my calendar I see next week is chockful of activities. Tomorrow and this weekend may be the lull before the storm. I’d better get organized and start putting my ideas on paper so to speak, prior to Monday! Between workouts, babysitting and traveling next week there may NOT be much writing time. I know I can’t write when I travel (can’t read much for that matter either since I am a lousy traveler) so I know better than to try.

Any advice? What would you do? Do you have similar experiences to share? Feel free to comment below.

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