Christmas Day Face-Off at the Birdfeeder

It’s day 2 of howling winds and frigid temperatures. In fact, it’s Christmas Day here in Pittsburgh, PA. A day of giving as we share our joy in the greatest gift of all- JESUS.

Outside at the birdfeeder birds are feasting on fallen seed and seeds still the feeder. I left it out overnight (my gift to the birds) and expected it would be empty this morning. It wasn’t. Instead, I saw a myriad of birds joisting for the seeds on the ground and in the feeder. Along with Juncos, house sparrows and black capped chickadees, there were tufted titmice and cardinals. Later a red-bellied woodpecker visited for a meal.

I’m not sure if it was the temperature or the wind, but the birds seemed feisty to me. I know they need to eat more for fuel when it’s cold outside, but what I saw was amazing. Usually, smaller birds give way to larger birds around the birdfeeder. Not today.

As I ate my own breakfast, fuel for my start to the day, I saw a house sparrow face-off with a female cardinal. Later another house sparrow (or maybe the same one) went head-to-head with a male cardinal. Not to be outdone, a few moments later two male cardinals faced-off. This time in the air. I wish I could have captured that moment with my camera. They seemed to be vying for territory and access to food.

It reminded me of how we as people get- fighting for territory, for food, for survival. For the birds right now, they need food to survive the howling winds and frigid temperatures.

I wonder what our excuse is. The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars before Christ returns. With the fighting in Ukraine, the threat of war looms around us.

Gazing outside, I renew my prayer for God to surround us with this peace and love. May we know God walks with us through the howling winds of war and want. May we walk secure, knowing we can face the future with God by our side. Merry Christmas everyone.

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