Picky Eater at the Birdfeeder

This is one in a series of observations at the bird feeder that I am currently writing. I hope you enjoy it.

I watched a White Breasted Nuthatch pick and choose the seeds it was eating at my birdfeeder this morning. It reminded me of my oldest son and my grandsons. Such picky eaters. Every family has them. My mother was one too.

But why are they picky? Is it the taste? The texture, or what? I’m not sure what the White Breasted Nuthatch was searching for, but it came back repeatedly for food, so I guess it found what it was looking for.

As a Christian I’m to feed on the Word of God. Not literally, but figuratively, so that the word is in my heart and in my mind.

The African American Spiritual, Give Me Jesus was playing on my phone as I watched the birds at my birdfeeder. I thought, I’ll take another helping of God’s Word– in the morning when I rise, when I’m alone and when I come to die– just Give me Jesus.

After all, whether you’re a picky eater like the White Breasted Nuthatch or not, just feed on God’s Word to give you strength, and peace of mind.

Prayer: Dear God, thank-you for the giving your Son, Jesus to die for our sins. Thank-you that you meet us wherever we are, whenever we call, to love use and guide us. Thank-you for walking with us this day. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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