Random thoughts on my November & December writing

Well, I started out thinking I’d get a lot of my fourth section of my novel done. I’ve gotten at least half of it done, changed the title a little (it’s now Matty’s Autumn instead of Summer) and have an idea of the direction I am going to take with the last section of the novel. I also thought I’d get a lot further faster than I have. In the meantime, I have spent time with family, celebrated the holidays and spent time trying to be healthy. These are all things my characters will have faced too, after all they are human (at least to me).

Like Little Women, this book starts out with a woman and will end with a woman, highlighting the struggles and triumphs they have as well as other family members have.

I had done extensive research through the years about the 1750-1820 time period, especially around Pittsburgh, but the 1830-1850s will be another matter. I am researching as I go along.

One of my Beta readers suggested I slow down the plot and develop my characters more. I know I did that more as the book progressed, so I will have to think about it for Helena’s Spring. I think sometimes because we know a character well we forget others , our readers don’t.

More work ahead.

I had hoped to get my novel to an agent earlier than this, but… I think polishing it and get it in better shape than it was will be for the best. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and may the New Year 2020 bring joy and blessing to all.

Spending Christmas with family

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