Does it take discipline to be creative?

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I keep putting off my writing. I do all sorts of things instead of writing. All I need to do is retype and revise 14more pages in a manuscript, then review it all, adding anything more before sending it off to a publisher. yet, what do I do? anything but that. I have decided for me, it takes discipline to be creative. I need to set aside time to write, do my artwork, and just be creative. Recently I spent 4 days working on a 1200 piece jigsaw puzzle. I finished it, but it took me away from my writing. Sometimes I tell myself, I need to do these “other things” in order to be more creative, to let my thoughts gel before I write. Yeah, right. Can we say procrastinate???? I had enough discipline to write 325 page dissertation in one year (after a year of research. I even set deadline for myself and my director! I think I need to start doing that for this manuscript. 2019 is the year!

What do you think? Do YOU need to be disciplined in order to be creative?

Multimedia art called Tree of Seasons painted after thinking about it for a couple of years.

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